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About Racoon Hair Extensions

Colchester Hair Extensions


With our Hair Extensions you can go straight from Z-list to A-list in just a few hours, long, thick, beautiful hair without the wait!

All the hair is 100% ethically sourced and of very high quality, extensive colour range for exact colour matching


The unique bonding system allows your own natural hair to be lengthened, thickened and colour blended safely

The bonding material is scientifically proven not to damage the hair due to an inert polymer bond which is a non allergy synthetic

This system allows the bond to be virtually invisible as it is translucent and takes on the natural colour of your own hair, containing natural products, such as orange peel and pine kernel extracts

 bonding 1












-New Euro Hair

The ultimate in hair quaulity and the number one choice of clients wordwide. It can be curled or straightened (up to 160c), and coloured (up to 6% peroxide)and even permed.

The new Euro hair is a blend of 70% Indian remy and 30% Chinese remy hair, root point correct and cuticle intact. Euro hair can be worn for six months with regular maintenance.

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